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Under Wikiprove definitions (here), "Where a question calls for specific claims of fact and the speaker responds non-factually — e.g., with statements of value, policy, or interpretation, or with minimal or irrelevant facts — the answer is BS."

The question was, "What are the major differences between the two of you about how you would go about creating new jobs?" That is a question about policy, but it arguably calls for specific claims of fact.

Obama's answer contains 6 "Prove" tags, each attached to a specific claim of fact. By definition, this is not BS.


No inconsistencies indicated thus far.

Obama's basic claim here is: "Governor Romney has a perspective that says if we cut taxes, skewed towards the wealthy, and roll back regulations, that we'll be better off. I've got a different view. I think we've got to invest in education and training ... new sources of energy ... [and other] critical investments."

In other words, according to Obama, Romney aims to create jobs through tax cuts and deregulation, while he (Obama) aims to create jobs through government investment in education and infrastructure.

These are the same themes covered on Obama's website. Link.