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Wikiprove depends on its volunteer editors. But the position isn't easy.

The first duty of a Wikiprove Editor is objectivity. Wikiprove exists for the sake of political truth, not to help any party, candidate, or political position win. So if you can't put partisanship aside, this is not the position for you.

The second duty of a Wikiprove Editor is judgment. It's not easy to figure out which statements should count as specific factual claims and get "Prove" tags and which shouldn't. It's not easy to identify claims as false, misleading, BS, or inconsistent. It's not easy to know when to lock a page. These determinations require judgment.

The third duty of a Wikiprove Editor is dedication. It's your job to go through every statement in a transcript to figure out which ones need "Prove" or "Probe" tags; it's your job to sift through the material offered by the web public to decide what sources are legit; and it's your job to calculate the Kleinfeld Score.

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