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Just click on a transcript (on the left of this page). Every specific factual claim in the transcript has a "Prove" tag next to it. Every sustained statement has a "Probe" tag next to the name of the speaker. When you see a statement or claim you want to factcheck, just click on the "Prove" or "Probe" tag. That will take you to a new page that you can edit just like a Wikipedia article.

Once there, just click "Edit" and get cracking with your source material. We use the same software that Wikipedia uses, so if you know how to use Wikipedia, you can use Wikiprove. (And if you don't, click help.)

Note: If you want to link to material not on the web, you can upload material to Wikiprove. For example, if your source is a book, you can scan or photograph the relevant pages, upload them to Wikiprove, and then provide a link to those pages in the footnote. Please respect copyright law.

Note: Wikiprove Editors can "lock" a discussion if there is a likelihood of damage to the existing material if editing is left open.