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What is the “Kleinfeld Score”?

The Kleinfeld Score is a numerical score that measures a political figure’s honesty. You calculate it by dividing a political speaker's number of truthful Wikiproved claims and statements (i.e., claims and statements found not to be false, misleading, BS, or inconsistent) by his or her total number of Wikiproved claims and statements.

The result indicates the percentage of time that the political figure speaks honestly.

For example, if a politician gives a speech containing 10 specific factual claims, 4 of which turn out to be untrue, that speech gets a 6/10. If the politician later gives a speech with 2 out of 12 untruths, that speech gets a 10/12. That politician's Kleinfeld Score is the sum of all his or her statements that have been Wikiproved: 16/22 or 73%.

The Kleinfeld Score is named for Wikiprove’s founder and director, Joshua Kleinfeld, an assistant professor of law at Northwestern University: