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Our mission is truth in politics.

Our method is transparency, community, and participation.

We are the world's first wiki-based factchecking website.

Want to know how honest Obama, Romney, Ryan, and Biden have been with the public?

Click on one of these transcripts and check out the footnotes (or as we put them on Wikiprove, "Prove" and "Probe" tags). Red font indicates a false claim. Green font indicates a misleading claim. Purple font indicates a BS claim. Underlining indicates an inconsistent claim.

Or check out their Kleinfeld Scores:

Want to factcheck a claim?

Click Factcheck a Claim.

Want to know more about Wikiprove?

Click About Wikiprove.

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Want to contact Wikiprove?

Write Wikiprove's editorial team at wikiprove@wikiprove.org.